Our methods to deliver a construction project are as diverse as the needs of our clients. Whether your project is a concept yet-to-be-designed or ready to break-ground, HarenLaughlin is infinitely qualified to bring it to fruition. When you partner with HarenLaughlin you receive a rare breadth of perception and immeasurable support for your construction project, found only in a company with our tenure. We have the technical ability to facilitate creative, functional and cost-effective solutions for every scenario.

  • Design/Build – Our process provides a single point of responsibility for your project utilizing one contract for design and construction, managing communications and maximizing resources. As your design builder, HarenLaughlin’s responsibility for the plan, design and construction results in time and cost savings. HarenLaughlin design/build clients continually find that this streamlined process allows efficiencies throughout the entire process, resulting in a smoother-than-expected build regardless of the complexity and duration of the project.
  • Design/Assist – Facilitating strong relationships between your architect and the most critical aspects of the project early in the design process allows us to seek efficiencies and establish cost-efficient solutions. At HarenLaughlin, we’re experts at providing design assistance, defining costs and anticipating project needs. This expertise allows us to eliminate time lags in construction, material delivery and project completion.
  • General Contracting – Specializing in the construction of commercial projects, HarenLaughlin affords our clients a vast wealth of general contracting knowledge and experience. To accommodate our client’s diverse needs, we perform a broad spectrum of general contracting services, offering our insight and ingenuity to our clients. Our general contracting expertise allows us to consistently deliver on-time and on-budget projects, resulting in long-term client partnerships.
  • Construction Management – With unparalleled construction management proficiency, HarenLaughlin serves as your project construction manager from inception through completion. We represent your interests while supervising the work and strengthening relationships amongst all interested parties. From design professionals to public entities, we model a cooperative spirit that is respected and revered on our construction management projects.
  • CM Agency – As your construction manager, HarenLaughlin is responsible exclusively to the owner, acting in your interest through every stage of the project. We expertly facilitate the relationship between subcontractors and the project owner to maximize efficiencies.
  • CM At-Risk – As your construction manager, we act as your consultant in the development and design phases. Throughout the construction process, we manage subcontracts on your behalf, controlling the process, construction costs and timelines.

Acting as your construction manager, we offer insight uncolored by conflicting interests, allowing us to professionally manage your construction project and yield the greatest possible return on your construction investment.